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Dear Family,
Last night, when I got home from work, Ed’s and my kitchen sink had exploded. Ed was trying to have a really nice meal prepared for me and had put far too many sweet potato peels down the garbage disposal. There were water and sink goop and potato peels and cleaning products sprawled everywhere. I let our dogs in as they were excited to see me get home and wiped the dirt off their paws. Turns out I missed some, and they got in the sink water and in a matter of about 30 seconds there were puppy prints all over our kitchen. Between the sink exploding and the huge dog mess, Ed completely broke down, confusing me. Ed isn’t one for getting overly emotional over things like this.

We cleaned up the mess and ate dinner, Ed still covered in goop. I suggested a movie to cheer Ed up, so we did that and came home to have some wine and play a game (Skip-Bo, for the Schnell side of my family, if you must know). Half way through the game, Ed decided to turn on some music and we started dancing. All of a sudden, Ed ran into the other room and came out holding a ring box. He got down on one knee and, well, now we’re engaged. Ta da! Not at all how Ed had planned it, but it was kind of perfect for us. That’s how HeidEd rolls, with exploding sinks and impromptu wedding engagements. The attached picture was taken about 5 minutes after we got engaged if you want to see my reaction. We’re both really happy and plan on waiting to get married once we’re both finished with grad school (so 3+ years). The ring is half of the engagement/wedding band set that belonged to my Great-Grandma Thompson (my dad’s maternal grandmother), and I love it. The rings were even the right size.

Please feel free to pass this poorly written description on to whoever.

Heidi & Ed

Posted 1/3/10