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Magnets, Address Lists, Invitations… holy crap!

Oct 10th, 2010 by heided | 0

Man, I thought this was going to be easier has become my wedding planning slogan. Ugh. Putting together what I thought were relatively simple invitations turned out to be quite the ordeal.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s very frustrating when everyone has a different idea about everything. This goes for more than just invitations, but here’s the short list of tiny dramas encountered on the road to inviting people to our nuptials.

  • what to include in/on your invitations
  • who to invite/not invite
  • how many people to invite (which, of course, depends on your food cost-per-plate)
  • whether or not to include registry information
  • where to register, if anywhere
  • when to send invites
  • how to explain the unusual concept of hometown receptions
  • etc.
  • etc.
  • ETC.

As I work on completing the last step in this lovely process, I’ll admit it’s kind of empowering to know I can figure all of this out. More importantly, Ed and I have been engaged for a full year plus one week, and we’re more excited than ever about getting hitched. Here are the invites (and yes, Mom, I censored our return address).

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